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National Coalition for Marine Conservation

The National Coalition for Marine Conservation (NCMC) is the USA’s oldest public advocacy group dedicated exclusively to conserving ocean fish, such as swordfish, marlin, sharks, tuna, striped bass, menhaden and herring.

Jon.Schwartz.Photo1 W220 Blue Shark ProfileNCMC is unique among marine conservation groups in that they are supported by conservation-minded fishermen and put the resource first, always taking positions based on what’s best for the future of the oceans. They ally themselves, formally and informally, with environmentalists and fishermen in common cause. 

Since their founding in 1973, they have been a catalyst for change in ocean fishery policy; changing the way we think, from a single-species focus on maximizing catches to a broader, ecosystem-based approach that reflects our increasing knowledge and expanding circle of concern for all marine life while promoting sustainable recreational and commercial fisheries.